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Shareholders Shares Held Fund Managers, Beneficial Owners and Registered Name
Net Changes Buyers, Sellers & Liquidators relative to previous analysis
History Comparison of Buyers & Sellers over 4 time periods

PLC Peer Comparison By Company Select discreet Companies and compare positions of Shareholders
By Sector Select all Companies in an Industry
Scoping Filters to customize by Market Cap, Percentage Held & Common Holder
Templates Store Often Used enquiries for quick future use

Portfolio By Investor Companies, Percentage & number of shares held for Fund Managers

Investor Peer Comparison By Investor Select discreet Investors (e.g. Fund Managers) and compare Shareholdings
Scoping Filters to focus by Market Cap, Percentage Held & Common Holder
Templates Store Often Used enquiries for quick future use

Nominee Owners Uncover the Fund Managers and Owners behind more than 387,000 Nominee Account Details and discover which Nominee Account are used by the various Fund Managers.

Weighting By Market Sector and Investment Percentage.

Latest Updates Company name and date of analysis displayed in chronological order. Argus Vickers updates 150 - 200 companies every week, covering all FTSE, LSE and AIM stocks, including Investment Trusts (Cap., Inc., Zeros, Units). We notify clients by email every Monday of the companies updated the previous week.

Other Services For more information on these services call us now on (+44) 0207 256 8383.
Same Day Analysis Providing an up-to-date position of Fund Managers and Beneficial Owners delivered within hours of request
Broker Portal Broker client access to view their own company share register and compare against a peer group of their competitors counts
S793 and S808 Increased depth of ownership by engaging S793 service on behalf of PLC for board reporting and Investor Relations and Rule 26 reporting
Custom Reports Complex Market Wide Analyses to your specified requirements

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